Monday, May 19, 2014


My wife and my baby boy are unquestionably my favorite people in the universe. Our marriage was literally born of a glimpse of a moment in God's dream. Yes, literally! And when I feel like I can't be with them, they come looking for me, because our lives have been knit together very wonderfully. It's a convergence of God dreams, or a rainbow of God dreams.

Relationships are challenging. People change and grow, drift and drive. Children drastically alter the lifestyles of even the most prepared and equipped families. I think it might be even harder for families that are trying to follow Jesus and show their children his way, too. It requires our continuous examination of priorities - something we're reluctant to do. And the level of commitment demanded by prioritizing sacrificial love is inconvenient, if not exhausting.

But it's worth it. God put my family together years ago with a glimpse of a moment in a vast, eternal, heavenly dreamscape. It was nothing we deserved, yet in that glimpse, I am convinced there was enough light for our entire journey. Amazing. Humbling. Invigorating. Thanks to Dr. Jim Stratton for helping me take time this morning to recall the glimpses and marvel at those mysterious moments that forever changed my life. God forgive me for the times I have taken them for granted. God forgive me for the times I've wanted to keep them all for myself.

My friends, a reminder: today with all of its unswept floors and unpaid bills and unfinished work will leave you underwhelmed again, and again, and again. But God's dream can and will wildly exceed a lifetime of your best plans for your future and your highest expectations of yourself.

The Jesus I know went to great lengths to make sure we could stand as a new and spotless creation face to face with tomorrow and see it in a very different way. If your tomorrow looks empty, I want you to know - it doesn't have to be that way, because God cares deeply for you, I care deeply for you, and I'm praying for you tonight.

--korywilcox //