Friday, November 30, 2018

You Came to Us (Asher's Song)

You came to us
like a wanderer,
like a wise old man
with a lot on his mind;
Like you'd been here before,
like you'd chosen to return,
like we were the treasure
that you'd left behind...

And your cry was soft
Your arms were slow
You told us how you'd always need us close,
so you came to us...

You came to us
like a summer storm,
like the rain you want
when the flowers are fading;
Like the nice surprise
of the wedding song
when the bride appears
and the groom is waiting...

And your eyes were blue
Your hair was light
We didn't know how much would change that night,
but you came to us...

At the right time,
when we were in a hurry,
we couldn't rush you;
You came to us
in the right season,
when the heat was on
and a change was due...

You came to us
like you knew your name,
like you were happy
just to be someone;
You came to us
like you took your place
as the blessed brother
and the honored son

And we still don't know
if you'll stand or speak,
but we know how love is strong we we are weak;

We still don't know
if you'll be here long,
but we know, we know that love is strong,
and how you came to us...

--korywilcox //

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Fiona said...

So beautiful! Jesus continue to fill you with his love and his power that is made perfect in weakness.